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Dirty Daddy’s Bedtime Stories is a premier erotic fiction website featuring a very specific kind of man. He’s butch, usually hairy, very well hung and uncut. He can be gay, straight or bi, but whatever his persuasion, he’s all alpha male – dominant, aggressive and hyper-sexual. The stories on the site are inspired by the real life experiences, both past and present, of Dirty Daddy, the author.

Dirty Daddy’s is also a community where members can share their experiences and fantasies with me. Both the kind of guys Dirty Daddy writes about and the kind of guys who admire them are welcome and encouraged to contact him at any time. Dirty Daddy will personally answer every message.

Finding ways to free ourselves from all the conventions of society that inhibit our joyous sexual expression is what interests Dirty Daddy enough to launch this site and create this community. He tries to write about characters who have broken through their chains and enjoy a full out expression of their sexual desires and interests. Dirty Daddy believes that we can all be free to be who we truly are and that there is no shame in whatever turns us on. This site is his attempt to put that belief into action and invite as many men as possible to join him in making it our reality.